Bye guys, it was a pleasure to be part of this fandom, i will love adele forever for sure but i cant keep up with this blog, i need to fix myself and my life. I will deactivate this blog and i have several urls that i can give away to you, just leave me a message in the next two days, and these are the urls: adeleordie, goddele, godele, kellyosbournes, jessiewares, adelism, naillhoran, qqueenadele, sexadele, shitbare, queenadeles, sidele, tottenhamqueen, adelesnews, slaydele. Thank you so much for following me and my stuff. And follow for more adele, and i love you all. <3

Happy 26th birthday Adele!

May 2012

Anonymous: what psds do you use? theyre so pretty

I havent made edits in so long that i dont even fucking know sorry

Miss Adele Adkins for services to music.

Rolling in the deep: "It was basically my word from it and my reaction to being told that my life was gonna be really rubbish and shit if I didn’t stay in a relationship."

adele-lawrence: Send this to all of the blogs that you love. There is no limit of how many people you send it to because the price of making someone smile is priceless. I’m sending this to you because I adore your blog and I want you to know that I will follow you forever. Your blog is perfection and absolutely flawless. Keep up the great work, keep smiling, keep being the beautiful and amazing person you are and have a fantastic day.♥


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